Monday, April 23, 2012

Puppy Love

I’m in love….in love with a 5-week-old St. Bernard puppy. I went over to a friend’s house to see their latest addition and fell head over heels in love with the bundle of fur and innocence. Chubby and quiet, he was everything that a puppy is about…warmth, comfort, snuggles, naps.

Now to see me talk like this – I’ve never really been an out and out dog lover, the kind that get so comfortable with any dog. Because my hubby loves dogs and because I loved the book – ‘shadow the sheep dog’, we got a golden retriever puppy 2 years back. In the beginning, I was terrified of her sharp puppy teeth and piercing yelps, and she was scared of this adult, who was scared of her. It was a funny relationship – we tiptoed around each other, literally.

But slowly and steadily, we began to bond. It was a lot like an arranged marriage, where you learn to love the person slowly, one puppy step at a time. Today of course, Muffin (my golden girl) and I are buddies. Muffin initiated me to the world of puppies, and probably that’s why I was so comfortable with the bundle of joy I saw yesterday.

Do you plan to get a puppy? Or have you already got one? Do write in with your stories.

Photo credit: Dvijatman Kennel


  1. The four-legged fur-balls just manage to hijack your life ... and we dont complain about it - 'cos it seems just the most natural thing to have lost your heart to the furry things.

    I've always had this unknown craze for dogs (all breeds - stray or otherwise !!!) and i dont know when the craze became love and now its total understanding for the unique relation we share with dogs.

    No dogs are not babies etc etc for me... they are just that - dogs! But the relation that evolves with dogs is something very unique and personal. they are kids who never grow up (and hence adorable and infuriating in the same breath)... all of us would share the same stories, but it is especially SPECIAL to us!!!

  2. Oh! i've shared three intense relations with dogs...

    the first, was my kiddish craze (and my dad, who hates dogs, HAD to relent). i got home a month old pom puppy. from being a creature that dad hated, 14 years later, dad proudly states that TEDDY "IS" (not was) the most beautiful pom in our street. i shared a sibling-like relation with her and we went through all the phases of jealousy (which i tell you was mutual... she hated sharing 'her' parents with me and i hated having to see my bone marrows being given to her, just because she was the dog! Can you see how frustrating my adolescent years would have been???!! we were partners in crime - tearing up bedsheets together and then getting yelled at by mom - we'd both have our tails tucked in while mom gave both of us more than her piece of mind. Then when i left home for training, ALL my friends knew her and all her fetishes. but the best part was when i would go home ... she would be elated when i would return home, but that was only for one day; after that we were the same - at loggerheads with each other, till the time i left... and then people around US would breath a sigh of relief!) When she passed away - she left a huge vacuum in our home.

    My mom couldnt imagine having any other dog after Teddy. but me being me (obstinate as ever), picked up a 10-day lab pup CASPER and kept with ME ... i became super-mom, overnight!!! having a 10 day old pup, and being a single-mom, at that, had its challenges. but the worst was when this incorrigibly hungry 22 day old pup, fell through the railing from my first storey house. he survived and is alive 'n KICKING. there is just one word to describe him - NOTORIOUS: he is the most typical casanova lab one could find and he has this uncanny knack of getting all to fall in love with him - instantly!

    Sometime later, i picked up CHERIE (45-day german-shepherd, from a place where those horrible keepers kept her in a mesh cage, as a result she developed malformed legs, right as a pup, had a wiry tail and scabbied nose - in all, one of the most most unattractive bandicoots. i still wondered why i picked her up from all the other pups... i guess she was meant to come in our lives)

    Well, everyday, cherie adds a new meaning to the word LIVING just by being her. she is now four years old... she is an intelligent, sensitive and perceptive dog... and she has become grown to be a beauty with beautiful gentle eyes.

    she bullies me a lot. has me wrung around her tail. and now that she has stays with my parents (because of my extensive travelling) she has got the "grandchild" status from BOTH mom (and believe it or not) and dad too.

    She is a shadow-dog. she'll trail u around everywhere (when i'm there, she's around me ONLY, then my servant and now my MOM). goodness knows why, she feels that her masters have to be protected by her - even when they are in the loo!!! if i spend more time than what she feels acceptable in the bathroom, that 40kg hulk, will pound away at the door incessantly, and when i come out, will wallop me with huge licks and throw herself at me (gosh! she is incorrigible). And, i really miss that fur-ball...

    i've got soooooooooooo many little anecdotes about her: the day when she hugged me; how she insists on eating biscuits only when my dad gives it to her - but, from no one else; of how she is extremely possessive of ME.

    People who tie their dogs outside, definitely do not know how they feel at being tied up, but yet they will wag their tail with their whole being, when you go near them.

    People can get cynical about why dogs are given such human emotions, but alas! they have no idea what they are missing out!!!

    Well, dont know about others... i have an adorable fur-ball and i'm in love with her!!!

  3. Hey Melo,

    Thank you for sharing your adorable anecdotes :). Look forward to seeing you at cookie jar often.

  4. Hi Melo,

    It really awesome blog post i love it plz keep sharing.

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