Monday, December 12, 2011

A Super Shutterbug

Tracy Clark. I’ve been stumbling across her name every now and then since last year. Since I signed up at And in these past few months, after poring over her blog, sifting through her beautifully-crafted images, I can safely say that I’m totally inspired. To craft pictures, to capture the everyday minute …with gossamer threads of light, smoky panes of shadow. There’s more than a touch of vintage in her pictures. They definitely remind me of a time that’s uncomplicated and slow.

Founder of Shutter Sisters, an ace photographer and a writer with some interesting titles to her credit, Tracy is a creator and crafter, who merges snapshots and words with equal ease. So people, don’t let me keep you from hopping over to her blog.

Doggy Boo

Ladybird love

Sweet nothings...

Image Credit: Tracy Clark

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nourishing tales

Hellooo everyone!

Hold those tomatoes...pleaseee....

I know...I know...I've been a runaway blogger for the past couple of months....and neglected Cookie Jar like no blogger should! But hey, a gal's gotta study when she has to study.

Yup, you heard right. I've gone back to school. To a Health, Nutrition and Nourishment school to upgrade my knowledge and delve deeper into a field that I've always enjoyed. So, guys, here's the whole scoop. I'm studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and will soon be a Certified Holistic Health Coach or a Health Coach, to put it more simply.

So, in a few short months, if any of you would like a lifestyle and health makeover, a generous dollop of happiness or some wholesome mind-body-spirit nourishment, then be my guest at Luscious Health, my brand new health coaching business.

More later. And this time, I won't disappear down the rabbit's burrow ;).