Friday, July 15, 2011

Be your own boss

I love it when people can stop working for others and become their own boss. When they can slip off the heavy chain called ‘corporate job’ or for that matter any job, and slip into the role of an entrepreneur, running a business doing what they are passionate about. It could be a craft business, a writing venture, a food biz….anything that makes that person tick.

I ‘met’ Meytal Ron at the Etsy hub and was happy to see another person doing what she loves. A designer and artist, she worked in the high-tech 3D design arena before giving up her day job to start Jolinne and Honeyboo, two quirky Etsy stores where she retails lovely prints. Having always loved painting and art, it was not a surprise that this hobby was turned into a viable business and art that all of you are sure to love.

I love books

The sound of music

Puppy love

See more of her work at Jolinne.

Read her interview at the Etsy Blog.

Image credit: Meytal Ron


  1. Hi Chandana ! thats truly inspirational...

  2. Great Post. I love being my own boss (and bossing over others too)

  3. Chandana- This has been on my mind sometime now.. striking out on my own, deciding how my time is spent, being my own boss. Very relevant topic and following :)

  4. Oh.. Chandana.. Lovely to see you here!! :-) This is a truly inspiring post!! I'm not brave hearted.. to set out into the world on my own.. *smiles*