Monday, March 14, 2011

Archana Srinivas and the Colours of her Life

Daily life, everyday chores, regular things-to-do lists, these seem mundane. The everyday business of living can be boring to many, with only special occasions spicing up things. But for some, every little detail of life holds joy. Archana Srinivas of Rang –  The Colours of Life, is one such person. Based in Bangalore, this homemaker, mother and freelance photographer, and of course, avid blogger, lives her life with joie de vivre and captures the beauty of simple moments in her many blogs, through luminous snapshots and haiku-like lists.

Says Archana, “After working in advertising and web designing I decided to take a break when my daughter was born. It was an enjoyable break but nevertheless, the creative me needed an outlet and blogging provided me the perfect platform to express myself.

Rang- The Colours of Life, is my personal blog where I started sharing my everyday musings, my passion for food, travel, art and design, mostly in the form of photographs with my readers.

As I went about my daily life, I slowly started capturing these moments that were so mundane but nevertheless moments to be cherished and be grateful for.  These captures gradually made me look at even the most mundane things in a new light, new perspective. Yes I started seeing beauty in mundaneness!”

She also shares her mantra - “Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human” ~Tim Hansel

Image credit: Archana Srinivas


  1. Chandana~ Thanks for the lovely write up about Rang ~ The Colours of Life.

  2. Your blog's an interesting find to me! I like these conversations with the extremely creative people you've interviewed. Following you now!

  3. hmmm... Archana is a magician. I am so much in love with her work (esp. photography). Its not only motivates me but also sort of relaxes me after a tiring day at workplace.

  4. cant get any more exciting ...reading about a very talented women...who i admire :)

  5. Archana is such a lovely lady, she is my daily inspiration. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  6. Thanks Ladies:-)
    Really appreciate your comments!

  7. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for dropping by. I've been following Archana's blog for years and so I guess, it was high time I featured her on my very new blog.

    Ambika - glad you liked my blog. There's lots to stay tuned. :-)