Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dithi's Art

The first time I stumbled upon Deez Den, I was totally hooked. Dithi’s art, vibrancy and passion for what she created were as much reason to read her blog as were the paintings she worked on and posted regularly. It’s been a couple of years now. I still visit her blog regularly, and her paintings continue to mesmerize me.

Beautiful, wholesome Indian women with burnished skin and doe eyes peek out from her canvases. From richly-adorned goddesses to the cotton sari-clad woman-next-door, her art portrays the essence of India and the spirit of the Indian woman.

I interviewed and wrote an article about her last year, in and described what she does as “She paints like a dream, and with joy in her heart. Rich earthy colours, spicy flavours and memories of India fuse together into pictures that are anything but ordinary. Bronze-skinned and doe-eyed Indian women waltz through her canvases, whispering secrets for the onlooker to interpret.”

Here, in my blogzine today, I’d like her art to do the talking. So go on, meet the goddesses and girls that Dithi brings to life.

One of her latest paintings...

Saraswati - the Goddess of Learning
A Bengali lady with her batua (string purse)

Maa Durga

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  1. Thanks Chandana for your support. Best wishes for your blogzine, I'll be here often for sure!