Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eye Candy - The Red River's new collection

There is so much prettiness all around. And, there are so many people, who are living their dream, creating these pretty things and helping others. Kakoli Das of The Red River is one such person. Ebullient and enthusiastic with oodles of chutzpah, this young entrepreneur with her feisty team runs a company that works with the weavers of Assam, creating an exclusive range of home furnishings and organic jewellery. She retails online as well as from a store in Bangalore

People…you gotta see their latest collection. Aptly named Alice in Wonderland, the hand woven and embroidered cushion covers are an absolute treat for the eyes. In candy pink and sunny yellow, with motifs of Lil girl frocks, these gorgeous babies are ready to go home.

"Alice in Wonderland, our latest offering, is Red River's reflection of her longing for the springtime of life... O how she wishes to dress up again like an angel, stroll through the greens picking violets and innocently drown in her wonderland!!"


Sun fields

Strawberry crush


Images: The Red River/Namrata Baruah

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  1. these are simple awesome love thm.............. waitin to have one :-)