Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cookie Jar - where all the good things are

I’ve been thinking of starting a blogzine for ages, but finally got down to doing it now. Almost everyday, I steal a sliver of time to cruise over to or hop onto other creative blogs, all aglow with bright pictures, cheerful photographs and luminous words. Till a few months ago, every time I gazed at a blog, I wondered when I would finally start a blog, and when would I have enough to say to the world. “What will I say?” “Will I have something interesting to share every other day?” While a year ago these questions made me shelve this project, now, it’s spurring me on to write, interview and post.

Cookie Jar – where all the good things are, will feature artists, craftspeople, small businesses, entrepreneurs, writers, scrapbookers, illustrators, embroiderers, creative bloggers, photographers…people who dare to dream and work on their dreams. People who do something creative, who revel in what they do and who have had the courage to break away from the usual and create something of their own. We’ll have interviews, photo features and post cards.

Just like a cookie jar full of delicious chocochip-encrusted treats, this Cookie Jar is a place where you can dip in for a creative treat. Whether you want a nugget of inspiration, a break from work, a place to share a smile, Cookie Jar is the place to cruise over to. So hop on and enjoy this delectable treat!

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